One night stay with two full meal sets
Hold the mountains in your arms and allow your heart to sink into sweet dreams Taste the light cuisine and add no burden to the body.

As the trend in traveling returns to nature,
The forests and the songs of birds are the comforting lullabies,
And the cold and hot springs release every tensioned nerve.
Fall asleep with the mountains and the clouds in your arms and let your heart leisurely travel in the land of dreams,
Our rooms feature both Western and Japanese styles,
Simplistic Zen offers the relaxation, while Western fashion enlivens your mood.

We believe in natural and energetic light cuisines,
And offer breakfast and dinner that will refresh your taste buds and give zero-load to your health,
With grand mountain views outside the window to go with the meals, guests are presented with both visual and palatal enjoyment at the same time.

Cedarwood Villa – One night stay with two meal sets
Leading travelers to complete revive in their body and mind.

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