Authentic Hot Spring Baths
Looking at the mountains and the haze afar from the misty hot spring baths,
Feels like bathing in the clouds, and makes one forget the busyness of the cities.

The fun chase between the mountains and the clouds are reflected on the wide views of the French windows
Be it the relaxation of Zen, the comfort of the mountain views, or the random choice of cold or hot spring baths
In the hot spring bath aesthetics of Cedarwood Villa, everyone is the one and only expert with hot spring bathing.
Our spring temperature is 42℃ pure carbonic spring. Sodium bicarbonate spring is colorless, scentless, and tasteless premium grade spring, and it can help relieve neuralgia, rheumatoid arthritis, muscular and skeletal pain, menstrual cramps, and gives women beautiful “soft and white” skins after bathing in it. The body-scrubbing feature of the hot spring is the reason why it is often called “Beauty Spring”.

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